Free models from this downloads section can not be used for any commercial purposes.
We provide these free samples for testing and educational purposes only.
 Free animated 3D character model
This is a free human figure model for compatibility testing.

Formats included:
.b3d .c4d .DAE .FBX .lwo .lws .ma .max
.mesh .ms3d .RH .ugh .X .xsi .xml

Download animated character 3d model 17Mb
 33 Sci-Fi Skyscrapers collection
Free 33 Sci-Fi skyscrapers.
Formats: .3ds .max
Download skyscrapers 3D collection 1,2Mb
 Free monster character animated model
Free animated monster model. Download 3d model 1,7Mb

This is a test model that allows to test compatibility with your 3d engines and applications before purchasing our products.
 Free models collection
Free models collection Download 1.3M
 6 Modern firearms collection
6 Modern firearms 3D models collection Download
600-900 polygons(1024x512 maps)

View 3d models demos
 Free ww2 guns models collection
Free ww2 guns 3D models collection Download 927K
4 guns: Mp-40, Mauzer luger, Mg-34, M98
.3ds .max versions included.
 Bike Suzuki Katana
5496 polygons (512x512 texture)

View 3d model demo 318K

Download 3D model
 Dark forest haunted mansion screensaver
Spooky scene of a hunted mansion in the middle of night full moon forest with ghosts flying all around.
3D Demo 1.2M    Download Screensaver 6.1Mb

Wallpaper1:     wallpaper2:    wallpaper3:  
 1600x1200       1600x1200       1600x1200
 1280x1024       1280x1024       1280x1024
 Sci-Fi Fighters screensaver

Free Sci-Fi Fighters 3D screensaver.

Download 3.1Mb

 Virtual City screensaver

Free Virtual City 3D screensaver.

Download 3.9Mb

 Wallpapers - Space

2 new wallpapers.

Gunship 1600x1200  
Alien 1600x1200

2 more wallpapers.

Alien2 1600x1200  
Dropship 1600x1200
 DS-02 Dropship wallpaper

Sci-Fi dropship wallpaper.

1600x1200 - 782K.


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