Norad Space Stations pack

  Megacity construction kit - night demo

 Leaving the planet scene (from Recon 2020)
  DivX5 .Avi 3.8M

DivX5 is required to view animations. Get codec here
 Space scene Dropship landing (from Recon 2020)
  DivX5 .Avi 4.6M
 Dogfight scene (from Recon 2020)
  DivX5 .Avi 2.3M
 Fighting the robot scene (from Recon 2020)
  DivX5 .Avi 1.0M High 3D only
DivX5 .Avi 3.0M
 F22 flight animation
DivX5 .Avi 3.6M
 Sci-Fi Battle Scene animation
Low  1.2 Mb Bink
High 5.8 Mb Mpeg4-V2
 Sci-Fi Battle Scene animation 2
3.7 Mb 800x600 Bink
 Visual FXs
Mpeg4 V2 .Avi 980K
Mpeg4 V2 .Avi 830K

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