WWII tanks collection
ww2 tank tiger T43  stug3 M8 greyh m3 stuart m10 military vehicle war 3D lowpoly gameready

WWII military tanks collection:

name of a model              polygons              textures

M10 Wolverline                3779            .tga 1024x1024 (body) 512x512 (skin,face)
Panzer-III                        2255            .tga 1024x1024 (body) x2 512x512 (skin,face, misc)
T-43                                  2016            .tga 1024x1024 (body) 512x512 (skin,face)
M3 Stuart                         2111            .tga 1024x1024 (body) 512x512 (skin,face)
Stug-III                           1985            .tga 1024x1024 (body) 512x512 (skin,face)
M8 Greyhound                  2266            .tga 1024x1024
Tiger-IV                            2551           .tga 1024x1024 (main) 512x512 (wheel) 512x256 (gun)
SD KFZ-251                      1088            .tga 512x512


Polygons: 2000-4000
Models: .3ds, .max 3.0, 7.0
Textures :
1024x1024                   .TGA

free download: Guns collection

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 WWII tanks collection

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